Starting an Internet Business – Covering the SEO Basics

Looked at as a whole, the blog space is incredibly competitive. The key, when starting an internet business, is to try to avoid as much of that competition as possible while still driving traffic to your site. Skip a couple of critical SEO steps and that beautiful website and insightful blog may never be seen by enough people to become financially viable. On the other hand, taking these initial SEO steps when starting an internet business can get your site in front of your target market where conversions are much more likely to occur. 

Research your keywords – While it may sound a little mundane, the foundation of a website’s success will be built on researching keywords and then building marketing campaigns around the ones which meet certain criteria. Researching keywords prior to starting an internet business can reveal where heavier competition exists as well as the keywords which can rank highly on search engines and drive targeted traffic to your site.
Set up a schedule to publish high quality pages, blogs, and articles using the keywords which will gain the most traction, according to your research. Execution of this schedule is one of the most critical elements of successful internet marketing.

Balance your writing of content for both the search engines and your visitors. Keep keywords at a density of around two percent and then focus on composing content that will be of value and interest to your visitors. If you skew your content too much toward the search engines its quality will likely suffer and your visitors will bounce off looking for content that has a more professional feel.

Make sure that your landing pages clearly convey their relevance to the search terms or article topics that bring in your visitors. These visitors typically decide within three to seven seconds as to whether they have found what they were looking for. If landing page relevance isn’t quickly established, they’re off to another site.

Starting an internet business by building a website  and hoping people find you simply doesn’t work. By taking the extra time to cover these SEO basics, you’ll know where your competition lies and where your opportunities exist. That will get you a jump on your competitors and drive traffic to your website that might have otherwise gone to them.

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