Started a New Niche Business

It’s been awhile for any new post because I have been very busy. I’ve started a new niche business in a niche that is familiar to some and not to others. It’s in Direct Marketing. Yep some folks view Direct Marketing businesses as pyramid schemes because they are multi-level marketing companies. Those I believe are the ill informed.

Of course whenever I look for a new niche business I do a lot of research, sometimes to the detriment of the start up. With any business you should research the business for viability and sustainability. I found both in this Direct Marketing Company which by the way is the 2nd largest Direct Selling Company in the global market.

What is really cool about me becoming an Independent Business Owner with this company is I remember this company when I was little. At that time it was door to door sales. I was reminiscing with my sister about it while others looked on in amusement that we talked about companies going door to door to sell the products.

That kind of ages me doesn’t it. Oh well, wiser for it.

I started researching on the internet and reading the negative and positive reviews about this company and find more positive than negative. Some who are negative did not find the benefit of the business opportunity. When you expect a “Get Rich” scheme and it doesn’t materialize as you expect you become negative and will trash the company. What I see from the sales, products, partners, mission statement, and success stories it turns the negative into a positive. Don’t get me wrong, I am a realist and do not believe everything is roses but I know from my experience in creating niche businesses that you have to put forth an effort, time, and money to make a business successful.

When I created Turbalo Golf Clubs for Women I can guarantee it was not a success at the beginning. Countless hours and work went into that business before I could call it a success with its third year in business having sales of over $250K. Hmmmm……not bad…not bad….at all.

Another thing recommended when starting a niche business is to know your product, use your products, become familiar with your products, and believe in your products. This I have done. I use some of the products, experienced the benefit of these products, am familiar with the products, and believe in the products. Now I can recommend to family and friends with some type of authority.

Well enough said on my new niche business. Let me now tell you what it is. It’s Amway.  Yep, the company that in my time when I was a child came door to door. Funny to think of those days without the internet.

Feel free to ask me about my new business. Feel free to visit my Amway website and explore the products and the possibilities of an Independent Business Owner.  I am nearing retirement and have to have something to do and this is right up my alley.

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