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Looking for ways to make some money online and you don’t have a clue. Some recommend you start out by selling informational products or giving them away to build your list of potential customers.

How do you do that? A great way to do that is to purchase products with Private Label Rights (PLR). Actually you can start an entire business selling PLR products.

How can I make money? Well there are numerous ways to make money selling or giving away products you have the right to give or sell. Private Label Rights normally gives the owner certain rights over the product. I am sure at one time or another you have purchased a software product or maybe an eBook on the internet.  Maybe one on “how to start an internet business” or something to that affect. Or maybe you received it for free for signing up for a newsletter or something.

Nine chances out of ten that eBook owner has the rights to give away or sell that eBook over and over again.  Sometimes passing on the PLR’s to their customer. This means the new owner of the material may have the right to change it and place their name on it like they are the original author. This can be a business in itself.

In addition business owners may give away free material in written format in exchange for your name and email address. By giving something to you that “you” perceive as value, you are more than willing to give your name and email address to the person holding the material you want. This person is actually building a list of potential customers for products and services they may offer you at a later date for a price. This too is a lucrative business.

So if you are thinking about an internet niche business and you may want to build a list or offer your visitors something for visiting your site, think about using PLR products as your give-a-way product in exchange for the visitors name and email address. Purchasing PLR products that are in line with your internet business is much easier than creating the product yourself from scratch. There are great products out there and there are not so great products out there. You just have to weed through them and make sure they fit your internet niche business and what you visitors may be looking for.

One last note on PLR products. With a PLR product most times you can put your links throughout the product referring potential customers back to your website or to an affiliate site you have an affiliation with. This too can generate an income.

Just think if you purchased a good PLR product that fit your business, re-branded it as your own, placed your affiliate links in the material, gave it away to 100 visitors, and then gave them the rights to give it away to their customers, can you image the viral effect that would have on reaching numerous people. All with your name out there and being viewed by possibly 100′s of people.

Do you think some of those in possession of the material might visit your website or your recommended affiliate site? If so, then you are right on track with those who are already doing it and are successful.



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