Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing

Basically every product that is sold can define a particular niche. For example the Android phone is a particular niche in the mobile phone market.Therefore when marketing to these niches there are a few key points that should be addressed.

      • Know your Niche – That can’t be stressed enough. If you know nothing about who you are marketing to then how can you sell it or recommend it to potential customers. This may sound like a stupid point but really there are those trying to promote something to someone they know nothing about. Then when the questions start being asked they don’t know how to answer them. This is basic niche finding 101 researching your niche.
      • Know what you are promoting – What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product and why should I give you my money for it. Know what your are marketing. Believe in it or at least know it inside and out. To many promote or try to sell something they have no interest in or no knowledge about and wonder why they can’t sell it. Hello!! I know why!

I sold Ladies golf clubs and accessories in early 2000. It was not ample that I was an avid golfer I needed to know more. I went so far as to become a Certified Custom Golfclubmaker and Fitter from one of the few Golfclub making and Fitting Academies in the country. I knew the golf club inside and out, how they fit, types of material, what works for one doesn’t always work for others, and more. My business was successful with repeat “BUYING” customers.
Ladies Golf

      • How are you going to market it? There are many ways to advertise a product but you have to test different ways until you find one that works. Can this be done for free or do you have to spend some money? You may need to do both. Either way you have to determine what type of marketing campaign you will implement to get your product in front of your target market. This goes back to Marketing 101, identify your target market. This may mean a little research. Does my product pertain to a particular demographic, age group, gender, ethnicity?Now how do I advertise to that market? Classified Ads? Pay Per Click? Articles? SEO organic traffic? Video? E-Mail? Affiliate Networks? Social Media? and so on and so on.

The answer to the “HOW TO” is in this 25 page eBook right on topic!. Pick it up NOW!

Niche marketing is no different than any other marketing. It caters to a distinct and select group of people who need what you have to offer. These are just a few vital key points involved in advertising to your niche.


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