Niche Business Top 10 Tips For Successful Article Writing

Top 10 Tips for Successful Article Marketing

If you visit any online article directory you will see there are a plethora of articles out there. This can seem daunting and it should, but it shouldn’t scare you into thinking your article will be lost in the sea of articles. Here are some valuable tips to take with you when starting to write your own articles. You can also learn more about article marketing in general in the post: Marketing Strategies: Article Marketing

1. Don’t Sound Like You Are Selling Me Something. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked to view an article and quickly clicked off because the opening paragraph sounded like a commercial. People don’t want to be sold to when reading articles. There are ways around sounding like this.

2. Offer Something to Your Reader. You have to give your reader something in your article. If you don’t then likely your article won’t even be accepted by any online directories. Find some way to share your knowledge with the reader. Improve their knowledge in some way by reading your article regardless if they buy your product or not.

3. Make Your Title Interesting. If you are submitting your articles to an online database then chances are you have a lot of competition for readers. Make sure you grab the attention of the readers so they want to check out your article. The only way to see what works is simply to do just that. Experiment for yourself to see what types of title work best for your topics

4. Lengthen Your Article. This doesn’t mean adding in fluff to your article just to make it longer. On average I found the most successful articles to be between 400-500 words in length. If you have less words than that people won’t usually view your article because it seems too short and longer than that can have the adverse affect. Make your article separated into smaller paragraphs as well.

5. Make it Personal. Think about what you like reading. If I wrote like a CNN announcer you probably wouldn’t get as much out of this blog as you could. People love feeling like you are talking to them. Give a short story about yourself or tell them about your successes and failures with whatever your topic is about. Try to connect with the reader. That can’t be stressed enough.

6. Proper Editing. This should go without saying, but read your article out loud to yourself. Make sure that everyone reading your article will be able to understand what you are trying to tell them. If you have a difficult subject to understand then maybe try to add a little more explanation to it.

7. Whet Your Readers Appetite. This means that your article should be getting your reader interested in your subject. Give them some information, but make them want more when they are done. This way they will click your links onto your website because they want to. When this happens you’ve just received a potential customer. The more they are willing to do before you sell them something; the more willing they are to purchase something from you.

8. Keyword Research. When writing articles you will almost always want to target the long tail keywords. To find such keywords to use and the traffic they get I recommend using I am very fond of this site and it is not very well known yet.

9. Don’t Write a Standard Resource Box. Of course have your anchor text ready to go, but make your resource box stand out. Ask the reader some questions at the end of your article to get them thinking, and then tell them you have the answers at your site if they click your link. Try out things and get creative.

10. Mimic Your Successes. I recommend writing 10 articles and then watching their progress for a week. Whichever one performs the best you will mimic that article and write 10 articles based off of it. After repeating this process so many times you will pick up on what triggers readers to click through to your site naturally and have much more success to show for your efforts.



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