Do You Tweet Your Niche Business?

Twitter for your Niche Business

I  read a very informative post about Twitter. I mean there was a lot of information to digest in this post. What the subject did was post a survey to his members about the growth and existence of the social network site Twitter. His survey responses came from about 927 Twitter users and about 610 non-Twitters users. Now I believe from statistics class many years ago that this is an ample sample to acquire some useful information.

A few of the questions I thought were very interesting were how often do you tweet on average, how much time do you spend twittering per day, and why do you use or not use Twitter. I think these are excellent questions.

Here are some of the results to those questions from the survey. Over 70% of the Twitter users responded that they tweet once a day or less, over 25% said they tweet 2 – 10 times a day, and around 4% said they tweet more than 10 times a day. What can you conclude from the percentage of Twitter users actually tweeting? You can say not all are tweet-a-holics, however wonder if the users that tweet frequently are actually engaging in tweeting with their followers, or just tweeting to be tweeting.

Responses to how much time do you spend tweeting yielded, 41% tweeted less than 5 minutes, and 12% tweeted more than 30 minutes. The remaining Twitter users were in the middle tweeting from 5 to 30 minutes. I wonder if tweeting more than 30 minutes reflects an actual engagement of other twitters, a two-way conversation.

The majority of Twitter users responded that they tweet for business purposes with some social reasons. If you combined the solely for business purposes percentage (31%), and the mostly for business and some social reasons (38%), then you would see that the majority Twitter users in this survey tweet for business.  

These percentages were derived from approximately 900 responses to the survey. According to the survey the main reasons for the non-Twitters not to tweet were they were not familiar with Twitter, and don’t see a benefit in Twitter. Now this survey was responded to by an internet experienced crowd. Do you think if the non-Twitters can perceive a benefit from tweeting, and become familiar with Twitter the potential of new Tweeters amongst this group.

If this type of survey was conducted internet wide, can you imagine if the answer to the non-Twitter users was solved how Twitter could grow exponentially? This can be construed as being at the forefront of another Facebook phenomenon. Another interesting response I found from the non-Twitters is that approximately 18% said they frequently or occasionally read other Twitters pages. So they don’t tweet however they read. That might be a great opportunity for Twittering marketers. Maybe that is why so many Twitter users use Twitter for business purposes.

This post was from 2009. I would like to know how much time people use on Twitter in 2011. Complete the POLL below and let’s see what the results are to this simple poll.

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Let me know what you think.

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