Designing Mobile Websites for Businesses -Niche Business

It’s all about the customer. There are three things all businesses want to do:

  1. Retain Customers
  2. Aquire New Customers
  3. Increast the Sell of Their Products or Services

You ask what does that have to do with Mobile Websites and starting an Internet Business. It has everything to to do with starting an internet business for new internet entrepreneurs. Mobile is here to stay and to not recognize this as a sound business venture for any new internet entrepreneur would be a big mistake. Designing Mobile Websites for new and existing clients is just another avenue for income growth in your business.

Statistics show that Mobile growth is increasing considerably. Specifically Smartphone growth. I’m talking about the Android, iPhone, and the Blackberry in particular . Think about it and then look around tomorrow to see how many people as you walk to work, walk through a mail, sit in a coffee shop, or wait in line at the Post Office has Smartphones and are texting or browsing the internet.

What do you think these people are looking for? They may be downloading apps, watching video, or searching for information. This is great potential to capitalize on a particular niche. Most businesses who have websites are not easily viewed on mobile devices. This is where you come in. You educate your clients on mobile usage and how they can attract a segement of the market that they are missing. Mobile Users!!

You are probably asking yourself how do I design or build mobile websites for businesses? It’s very simple. Here’s what you need to do. Click here Building Mobile Websites. Once you click on the link it will take you to the website “Business Mobile Websites”. This is Quentin Brown’s website and he designs Mobile Websites for businesses.

Are you on the site yet? Okay, you see on the home page some information, Quentin’s picture, a video, testimonials, and then an “Add to Cart” button to purchase something. It will cost you $67 Bucks! Yep it will cost you money but I guarantee it is well worth it. But don’t purchase anything yet. Click on the tutorial link on the right side bar. Do you see 18 Tutorials under this link? Do you think Quentin is providing you with all the tools to be successful with the tutorials? He is trust me. Click on the Blog and Forum page. Read the blogs and forum posts. Don’t PURCHASE anything yet. I want you to believe in the product and what it will do for your existing business or new business.

Now click on this link Warrior Forum. In this forum there are 19 pages and 929 Posts discussing Building Mobile Websites and others success in offering mobile websites to customers by following Quentin’s training.  

Now go back to Quentins site at this link and Purchase the product and start making money.

I was at a Get Movtivated Seminar today and heard Bill Cosby, Gen Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Terry Bradshaw, and more give the same message over and over. If you continue to do the same thing you will continue to get the same results

Zig Ziglar said it best. “You must be willing to do today what others won’t do, to have tomorrow what other’s won’t have”

You have three choices. You can do nothing, you can watch as something happens, or you can make it happen. Very simple.

I am not a website designer but here is my first attempt at designing a Mobile Website. This is my first attempt. I am getting much better as I do it more and more. To view this on a mobile device you will need a Smartphone to scan the below QR Code or just go to and you will see what my Mobile Website Business looks like in an iPhone. This will give you some idea.

Mobile Website

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